Churchinford Village Hall

Brendon Energy’s second project was another solar photovoltaic panel scheme on Churchinford Village Hall.

The 9.75 kW solar power station comprising 39 panels went live on Thursday 22nd August 2013 on the roof of Churchingford Village Hall and began generating immediately.

Working in collaboration with the Trustees of the Village Hall, Brendon Energy signed a lease for 20 years and contracted Solar South West Ltd to carry out the installation which took less than a week to complete. The energy from the panels will go to help reduce the cost of running the village hall, the Feed-in-Tariff will go to Brendon Energy’s investors and the community fund generated will benefit Churchingford.

Installation photos are shown below. Click on images to view full size as a slideshow.

Brendon Energy logo
A community co-operative (registered as an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit) set-up in 2011 to establish local renewable energy schemes. Our projects generate clean power, provide a return to investors and all profits are invested in new projects and donated to benefit the local community.

Brendon Energy
c/o Somerset Co-operative Services
10 East Reach

Industrial and Provident Society Registration Number: 31263R

VAT Registration: 127 611 528


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