Members and Rules

Everyone who invests and owns shares, regardless of how many, is a member and has an equal say in how Brendon Energy is run.

Members’ meetings

Brendon Energy holds general meetings for members during the year and once a year there is an Annual General Meeting, which will normally be held in the autumn, where business will include:
• Approval of minutes of last AGM and of general meetings held since then;
• Directors’ report;
• Approval of the accounts and auditor or examiners report;
• Appointment of auditors;
• Election of directors (at least one third of elected directors – the longest serving since last appointment – and co-opted directors stand down at the AGM but may be reappointed).


Brendon Energy is constituted as an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit and is governed by a set of rules, which describe how the society operates.

Our objects

Brendon Energy’s main object is to produce clean renewable energy from community-owned projects, with profits generated donated for projects or a fund that benefits the local community. Brendon Energy’s profits and property can only be used (clause 15.1) to promote our objects (clause 2), which are to:
• Develop and run renewable and low-carbon energy and energy efficiency projects within Wiveliscombe and its Environs;
• Advance education; and
• Provide an opportunity for public-spirited people and organisations to contribute financially to the community, with the expectation of a social dividend, rather than personal financial reward.

Brendon Energy logo
A community co-operative (registered as an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit) set-up in 2011 to establish local renewable energy schemes. Our projects generate clean power, provide a return to investors and all profits are invested in new projects and donated to benefit the local community.

Brendon Energy
The Greenhouse
Old Brewery, Golden Hill

Industrial and Provident Society Registration Number: 31263R

VAT Registration: 127 611 528

Tel: 01984 624898

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