Community fund donations

Brendon Energy has set up a series of Community Funds that feed back profits from green energy generation into the local area. For some of the smaller installations the community funds go back to the host organisation for distribution. This is the case for the village halls at Churchinford, Brompton Regis, Taunton Quaker Meeting House and Wellington Bowls Club.

The community funds set up so far that are separate from the host buildings are:

  • 10 Parishes Community Fund (supported by the 2 installations in Wiveliscombe)
  • Wellington Community Fund (supported by the Wellington Rugby Club)

So far the money distributed by the 10 Parishes Community Fund has totalled £21,500 (£500 in 2012: £500 in 2013, £2,500 in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, £3,000 in 2020 and £2,500 in 2021).

Suggestions for the 10 parishes Fund are sought every year and voted on by members at the AGM.

Brendon Energy has made the following community donations from the 10 Parishes Fund.

All were decided by a vote of BE members at Annual General Meetings.


  • £1,000 Wiveliscombe Community Centre
  • £1,000 Wivey Cares
  • £500 Practical Action


  • £764 Wiveliscombe Community Centre for new LED lighting
  • £682 In the Mix Project for outdoor equipment for young people
  • £477 Wiveliscombe Area Partnership towards new computing equipment
  • £289 Jim Laker Fund towards the costs of erecting the Christmas tree in Wivey
  • £289 Taunton and Somerset Samaritans towards the costs of running their helpline
  • £500 Practical Action


  • £500 Plain Pond Allotments for a communal tool shed
  • £300 High Park Music for a saxophone and mouth pieces
  • £610 Kingsmead School PTA towards new football goals
  • £590 Wiveliscombe Primary PTFA for a new laptop for music lessons
  • £250 Kingsmead Educational Trust to fund schoolchildren in Kitwe , Zambia, to attend a sustainability conference
  • £250 Shower Power to help to create solar power shower for refugees on Lesvos island, Greece


  • £375 for Wivey Community Centre to complete new LED lighting in the remaining parts of the building
  • £200 for the Jim Laker Fund for new LED Christmas lights to extend the display
  • £558 for Kingsmead PTA towards various items to help with the education experience at the school
  • £558 for Wivelsicombe Community Pool towards a new more efficient boiler
  • £558 for High Park Community Music Project for new mouthpieces and instruments
  • £250 for Kingsmead Educational Trust towards carbon offsetting for Zambia Exchange


  • £250 to SolidariTea for future work in northern France
  • £500 for Brompton Ralph Cricket Club towards new practice nets
  • £1,250 to Wivey Action on Climate for public electric vehicle charging points
  • £500 for Wivey Community Centre towards new LED lighting


  • £250 to Solar Aid for solar power in developing countries
  • £351 for In the Mix Youth Project to deliver mobile service
  • £1,500 to Wivelsicombe Town Hall Trust for new windows
  • £399 for 10 Radio for an inverter for solar panels on broadcast truck



  • £500 to The Paddocks Nursery to enhance the garden
  • £500 to the Kingsmead International Exchange for the Zambia Exchange programme
  • £500 to the Wiveliscombe Community Centre for a water efficient urinal system
  • £250 to the In The Mix Youth Project for ICT equipment for a apprentice youth worker
  • £400 to Wivey Link
  • £100 to Wiveliscombe RFC Juniors for a new noticeboard
  • £250 to the UNHCR Syria appeal for cooking equipment for refugees



Other benefits to scheme hosts

Hosts of Brendon Energy’s projects also benefit from being able to use the solar electricity generated. Wiveliscombe Children’s Centre electricity bills are reduced by about £1,600 per annum from the free use of solar electricity generated on their roof.

Brendon Energy logo
A community co-operative (registered as an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit) set-up in 2011 to establish local renewable energy schemes. Our projects generate clean power, provide a return to investors and all profits are invested in new projects and donated to benefit the local community.

Brendon Energy
c/o Somerset Co-operative Services
10 East Reach

Industrial and Provident Society Registration Number: 31263R

VAT Registration: 127 611 528


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