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Amidst all the doom and gloom stories about the terrible impact that the government policies are having on the renewables sector this year, it is worth remembering that BE is part of a big energy co-op family. In the UK there are 224 renewable energy co-ops with 16,880 members and an annual turnover of £8.9 million (figures from Cooperatives UK). These figures are dwarfed by the scale of energy co-ops in many other places such as Scandinavia and Germany where the governments are more supportive. They show what can be achieved – perhaps one area where we would benefit from being more European in our outlook?

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A community co-operative (registered as an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit) set-up in 2011 to establish local renewable energy schemes. Our projects generate clean power, provide a return to investors and all profits are invested in new projects and donated to benefit the local community.

Brendon Energy
The Greenhouse
Old Brewery, Golden Hill

Industrial and Provident Society Registration Number: 31263R

VAT Registration: 127 611 528

Email: admin@brendonenergy.org
Tel: 01984 624898

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